The Benefit Of Case Studies

Case studies have always been an important way for physicians to share knowledge and experience. I have decided to add case studies to my website with the specific intention of helping people familiarize themselves with the services I offer. 

Chinese Medicine is practiced globally. It is second in usage only to Modern Medicine/Western Medicine. However, the level of familiarity, understanding, and clarity as to what and how Chinese Medicine is practiced is still murky compared to Modern Medicine.

From a very young age much of the world becomes familiar with Modern Medicine not only through direct interactions with Medical Doctors but through books, television, and movies where a wide variety of medical treatments are depicted, described, or acted out. Due to this exposure most people have some understanding of how the modern medical system works. Chinese Medicine simply does not have the same level of exposure especially in the West. Therefore, I offer these case studies with the intention of helping you flesh out at a minimum what I do and what I have to offer. 

Every case is different but by reading about different cases you can gain familiarity with the medicine. The cases might not be as glamorous as what you see on television but you can be certain that they are real.

While all of the treatments detailed in the case studies are of Chinese Medical treatment I use both Chinese medical terms and/or Western medical terminology to describe what took place, why I did what I did, and/or my general thoughts about it. 

It is not uncommon in Chinese Medicine for senior doctors to publish their case studies and to elucidate clinical pearls of wisdom for other doctors. I Am Not posting these case studies in that vein. I simply have come to realize that despite the widespread growth of Chinese Medicine many people are only vaguely familiar with it at best and I see case studies as one way to help further familiarity with the medicine. 

Please remember that these are individual case studies and that your experience and treatment could be very different. 

I appreciate your time spent reading this and everything else on this website.

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