R.M shared:
“I was recommended Dr. Heron for neck and shoulder pain, and have further expanded my treatment into additional health concerns, and could not be more grateful for the recommendation! One of Dr. Heron’s greatest talents (or gifts) is his ability to actually listen to his patients– which, for anyone with chronic illnesses or conditions, knows can all too frequently be a rarity. Dr. Heron is confident and knowledgeable, without ego getting in the way– meaning if something isn’t working, he’s always suggesting solutions and creating game plans to reach goals. One of the most incredible elements that Dr. Heron has helped me with is my chronic fatigue, which has plagued me for years. To feel as if there even is the possibility of feeling more like myself has provided so much hope, and optimism that I could not find in any of my other doctors. Herbs were an arena that I was more or less completely unfamiliar with, I thought of them much more in a supplement type of way, rather than actual medicine. With an open mind, and a grain of salt or two, I got my first herb mixture. Dr. Heron actually sits down, makes a custom and specialty individualized mixture for each ailment(s) and each person. I will be honest when I say that I actually wept when I found a formula that worked to off-set my debilitating fatigue. I had not experienced what it felt like to feel like my “old self” truly in years. As with every avenue of what Dr. Heron does, he sits down with you actually talks (and listens) to find out what is, or isn’t, working and comes up with ideas that will help and works to modify your herb prescription to create another formula that may work better.​I cannot recommend Dr. Heron enough, he’s a pleasure to work with, encouraging, down to earth, and always ready to help.

Ron D. shared:
“David is a first rate physician. I have been seeing him for the past 3 months for his expertise in traditional Chinese herbal therapies which I felt had the potential to help my more subtle symptoms for which Western Medicine does not offer sufficiently sensitive treatment options. I am a Western medical doctor practicing at a large academic institution, and I have been continually impressed with the depth of David’s knowledge, his kindness and warm bedside manner, and his ability to sensitively tailor his therapies to suit my changing clinical picture/symptoms. He has been consistently logical, reasonable, kind and approachable with regards to my many questions. I started to notice improvement after about a week of herbal therapy, and now after three months of careful titration and adjustments to my regimen, I definitively feel better and look forward to continue working with him. He is highly medically literate and we can fluently converse at a “medical level” although he is never jargon-y and he is always clear and straightforward in his answers. My family has seen a number of TCM practitioners on both coasts and this is a rare quality. I continue to highly recommended David to my doctor friends and my own family members without hesitation.”

Patricia N. shared:
David is a wonderful, caring practitioner. I began seeing him for a swelling issue that had not responded to anti-inflammatory drugs. After the first session, both the swelling and associated pain were very much improved and both have continued to further improve with repeated sessions. This is my first experience with acupuncture and I feel lucky that it was so positive and relaxing. Thank you David!