Telemedicine refers to distal medical consultations which in this case will take place via video. All herbal medicine) based services are currently available via telemedicine. These include:

  • Dermatology
  • Immune Support and Allergies – there is a long history of supporting the bodies defense mechanisms and of balancing them with Herbal Medicine. These services can be preventative or for those already suffering from symptoms such as nasal discharge, cough, phlegm, sinus pain, etc.
  • OBGYN – painful menses, irregular menses, fertility, etc.
  • Male Fertility and Urology: Fertility, Chronic Prostatitis and/or Epididymitis
  • Digestive Complaints – herbal medicine is helpful in the treatment of many digestive issues including constipation, loose stools, GERD symptoms, and symptoms of IBS or IBD.

Please see Herbal Medicine for more information on what the process is like.

For a Telemedicine visit all you need is a laptop with a camera or a smartphone. Before your visit you will receive an intake form via email which you will be asked to fill out and return prior to the visit. I will start reviewing your case before the visit. Visits are 30 minutes after which I will further review your case, put together a personalized herbal formula, and then I will mail the herbs to you. Herbs usually ship the same or the next day USPS flat rate. At times there is email or phone correspondence between appointments.