With Lucien Klein, CMT

Available Tuesday & Saturday 10:00 A.M To 5:00 P.M

$100 for 60 minutes; $145 for 90 minutes; $200 for 120 minutes

At Oakland Hills Acupuncture, our esteemed massage therapist Lucien Klein, offers a unique blend of massage techniques expertly designed to alleviate tension and pain in your shoulders, back, or any area of injury.  Lucien harmoniously blends Deep Tissue with elements of Swedish, Shiatsu, and trigger point therapy.

Lucien is renowned for his mastery in deep tissue massage, focusing specifically on treating myofascial adhesions and trigger points, often the source of recurring shoulder and back pain. These are the tight knots and underlying ‘crunchiness’ that amass in overused or chronically tense muscles. By meticulously relieving this crunchiness, Lucien enhances range of motion, making movement easier and relieving discomfort.

Whether you’re battling the strains of repetitive motion, dealing with chronic back or shoulder pain, or experiencing stress from prolonged desk work, a session with Lucien offers the chance to relax, recover, and find respite. We encourage you to contact us at Oakland Hills Acupuncture to schedule an appointment.

Lucien’s profound skills are rooted in a solid background of comprehensive education and training:

  • Completed the 800-hour Massage Therapy Course at the National Holistic Institute (2021 – 2022).
  • Graduated from a rigorous 750-hour Massage Therapy Course at John Logan College (2010 – 2011).

We pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards at Oakland Hills Acupuncture, and Lucien’s impressive credentials are a testament to this commitment. Experience his exceptional massage techniques in our serene Oakland facility.

Relax and Work Out Tight Knots With Lucien Klein, CMT