With Lucien Klein, CMT

Available Tuesday & Saturday 10:00 A.M To 5:00 P.M

$100 for 60 minutes; $145 for 90 minutes; $200 for 120 minutes

I provide a form of massage that blends elements of Swedish, Shiatsu, and trigger point therapy that integrates circular motion to address problem areas. I specialize in deep tissue work and addressing myofascial adhesions and trigger points; the tight knots and underlying ‘crunchiness’ that accumulate in heavily used muscle. Breaking up that crunchiness allows a greater range of motion and easier movement. Whether you struggle with repetitive motion and stress, spending all day at a desk, massage is an excellent way to relax, recover, and treat yourself. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

I value a proper education and training and have completed extensive Massage Therapy training for over a decade:

  • 800 Hours Massage Therapy Course – National Holistic Institute   2021 – 2022
  • 750+ Hours Massage Therapy Course – John Logan College             2010 – 2011

Relax and Work Out Tight Knots With Lucien Klein, CMT