Chinese herbs are an effective and safe way to increase fertility for most men. Fortunatley, Chinese medicine has given to and treated andrological issues for some time. Now with modern labratory tests we are better able to measure fertility and progress made with herbal medicine. Compared to most other treatments, fertility treatments also deliver many other positive benefits such as increased libido, ability, and decreased overall fatigue.

Many of you are only a few weeks away from what you are looking for, the chance to start a family.The first step would be to erase from your mind ridiculous supplements you’ve seen making outrageous claims and using funny animals on their labels as design. These supplements aren’t truly representative of Chinese Medicine. The next step is as easy as committing to drinking tea twice per day for a few weeks.

It is assumed that male partners are the cause of 30 – 50% of infertile couples. Don’t feel alone, across the board it has been found that sperm counts are significantly dropping across the industrialized world. One study found a 50 – 60% decrease in the average recorded sperm counts of American, European, and Australian men dating from 1973 to 2011. Similar issues are happening in China, where one study published in 2015 found that of potential sperm donors only 18% were found to have healthy enough sperm, whereas in 2001 over 55% were found to be healthy enough. Unfortunately, there seems to be a decline in male fertility in many regions in the world.

Fortunately Chinese herbs can help many with low sperm counts. Sperm have approximately a 2.5 month life cycle before being fully mature. Therefore, expect to undergo treatment for at least 3 months minimum. This can not be rushed. While, it is possible to get pregnant before that time it’s impossible to guarantee and a lot depends on the level of sterility that we are starting with. Please bring your semen analysis results to your initial visit. If you don’t have the paper then please bring all the info available: volume, concentration, morphology, motility, and PH. Please do not plan on re-testing your sperm for at least 3 months (one full growth cycle), which is the minimum needed to see an accurate change.

If your sperm counts are normal but you are still looking to boost your fertility and/or libido I can help you with that as well.

If you are calling to book an appointment please tell the receptionist that you would like to book for an Initial Herbal Consultation.