Fatigue is a common symptom which most of us will experience at some time. For others it’s a constant issue and for those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), it can be completely debilitating at times. Herbal medicine has a lot to offer all patients suffering from fatigue. In some cases patients will benefit from acupuncture as well.

Those who are in relatively good health but still suffer from moderate to even severe fatigue often see benefit with herbal supplementation. If you fit in this group, I really believe herbs can be a great option for you. Many of you will be able to stop taking herbs eventually.

In the case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the illness is far more complex and believed by many to be auto-immune in nature. CFS usually comes with other various symptoms and it is difficult to make any guarantee on results. In my experience with CFS, I have seen patients who can function normally with regular herbal treatment, those who feel they function significantly better with herbs than without, and those who seem to avoid intense lows but never really feel energetic. This is a broad picture I’ve painted because I believe it’s best to be honest. I’ve been fortunate to help enough people that I believe it is worthwhile to at least undergo a course of herbs to see if it will be beneficial for you.

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