I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about my herbal medicine services. Herbs are something I’ve been interested in since childhood and are a big part of my life, and like acupuncture I enjoy sharing their potential with others. There are a lot of benefits to be had from a proper herbal formula.

If you have found this page I assume it’s because you are looking for some answers to some health problems that no one has been able to help you with or for which the treatments offered came with too many potential side effects. Some of you might be absolutely healthy but you just want something more. Many of you have tried various supplements or tea bags sold at health food stores but you’re still looking for something that is more effective. I’ve been there and if you are like me what you are looking for can be found in having an individualized herbal formula for your specific needs. What you are looking for is achievable. The first step would be to have an herbal consultation.

An herbal consultation involves reviewing the full history of your condition, your current symptoms, and a full health review so a personalized herbal formula can be tailored to your specific presentation.

For most conditions a follow up visit will take place in 2 – 4 weeks. At that point, we will reassess your progress and if needed, modify your personal formula as your pattern changes and condition improves.

The herbs are conveniently taken as a tea, usually twice per day (no cooking required). In some instances, herbal pills may be given. In comparison to pre-made pills, using individual herbs allows for the treatment to be individualized for each person. Some formulas may have a bitter taste, however this usually isn’t an issue for people who seriously seek help. Most people acclimate to the taste after a few days. I guarantee the benefits you will notice after enough time drinking the herbs such as reduced itching from eczema or increased energy and libido or whatever might be plaguing you will more than outweigh any of the bitterness that comes with some formulas.

The end result of your herbal consultation will offer you more than your typical supplement. The consultation is far more in depth and comprehensive than a quick conversation with the aisle attendant at a health food store. Similarly, what is being offered can’t be learned from simply reading books, searching the internet, or taking a 6 week or 6 month herb class. Also the herbs being offered for the most part can’t be found as supplements. This isn’t meant to be disrespectful to what may be offered elsewhere, however there are varying levels of knowledge and expertise regarding herbal medicine and there seems to be a lack of understanding regarding the depth and level of specificity with which Chinese Medicine and other traditional medicines offer and also between what you might call the Chinese Herbal supplement industry and what practitioners of Chinese Medicine offer. Like any other medicine, this is a skill which takes thousands of hours over years of study and immersion to be able to practice.

​In the sidebar are listed a few conditions which can be treated well with Chinese Herbal Medicine. Please click the links for more information regarding what can be expected with this form of medicine for those conditions.

Herbal Consultation – Initial Visit $105 plus cost of the herbs / Follow Up $85 plus cost of the herbs