Why Try Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Personalized. Natural. Time Tested.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has everything that we are looking for in medicine.

Chinese Herbal Medicine offers one more very important benefit: the opportunity to improve your health with a low level of risk from treatment.

Unfortunately many people find themselves in a certain dilemma with their health: they have developed some sort of chronic ailment or condition for which the options they have been presented with are to do nothing and let the issue progress or to try a medication developed for another more serious disease that does not seem worth the risk for the actual ailment or condition suffered. I know there are more options available to us than that. Whatever the issue, it seems logical to exhaust the safest treatments first before moving on to higher risk treatments. Personalized and supervised Chinese Herbal Medicine almost always represents the relatively safer treatment to start with.

That said, I am not against prescription medications necessarily. I would not close doors to any treatment t might help a patient. I am simply advocating starting with reliable low risk options first.

I realize there is a lack of information and even misinformation out there regarding Chinese Herbal Medicine. In the next few pages I have provided short digestible information regarding the safety of the herbs I use, what herbal treatment regimens are like, and finally information about how herbs work in the body, including what the science says about herbal medicine. We are not just what we eat, we are what we drink! Read on to understand how herbal medicine can help you: What’s Involved, How It Works, Herb Safety

In addition, please follow these links for information on a few of the conditions that can be treated with herbs:

Dermatology, Sinus & Nasal Concerns, Male Infertility, Fatigue